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Travel Report from guests: Around the Swiss National Park

Hiking in the heart of nature

The 5-day hiking routes in the national park follow nature with its lush flowering meadows, magnificent forests, bizarre rocks, wild streams, various bridges and beautiful landscapes.

This is an unfiltered travelogue from guests. So nothing but honest opinion. 

To say it in advance, all 5 days were top! Every day we experienced a so-called highlight. Nature with its lush flowering meadows;the lush forests, the bizarre rocks, the wild streams, the various bridges and much more....

We travelled by public transport. We were very satisfied with both the Belvédère and Castell hotels. The Castell with its décor of old, modern and its art was also such a highlight. In both places, the food, the service and the service were excellent. The difference in menu quantity, not quality, could not be greater. At the Belvédère, we were well served with the five courses. Even if sometimes, sorry, there was only a "bird's mouth" on the plate. We were full and comfortable. After all, the chef de service asked several times if there was enough?

At the Castell, on the other hand, our bellies were already as full after the starter as they were at the Belvédère after five courses. We immediately ordered half portions and one course less on the second day. This is not a complaint, just an observation.

Arrival day:

On the day we arrived, we hiked from Scouls to Sent and back. To run in, so to speak. In Sent, we visited an exhibition. The artist with the big gray curls guided us through her great textile art.My colleague just struck. Both villages Scuols and Sent are a jewel.

Day 2:

The village of Vna the following day, clinging to the hillside like a swallow's nest. The historic houses in Zuort and Sinestra. The original Jasper in Griosch, who loves to take a bath in his open-air bathtub under the full moon.

Day 3 :

The shuttle bus took us to S-charl. At Alp Astras we bought alp cheese;These young people make a great, spicy cheese.;We enjoyed the hike. It was pleasant in a lovely landscape. On the steep descent, I was glad to have my sticks. The bus took us from Tschierv over the Overpass to Zernez and by train to Zuoz.

Day 4: 

Even the six-hour hike in the rain to Val Trupchun couldn't stop us from hiking all the way back to Zuoz. Wet and dirty, the receptionist at the Castell welcomed us with a surprise appetizer sponsored by our dear daughter Anima.

Departure day: 

The day of departure, with the short hike from Preda to the dreamlike mountain lake Palpuogna. Its crystal-clear water in different colors, like on the Maldives and the numerous picnic spots, invite you to linger.

A last stop in Bergün, with a visit to the interesting railway museum, rounded off our five great days.

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(c) Graubünden_Nationalpark Ferien_Andrea Badrutt

(c)Graubünden Ferien__Nationalpark_Anita Brechbühl

National park (c) Anita Brechbühl (Travelita)

National park (c) Graubünden Ferien_Hans Lozza

NATIONALPARK_Use only in connection with AC (c) Stefan Schlumpf

Animal observation National park (c) Rob Lewis Photography