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Full UNESCO Tour of Switzerland

Horn - Weissbad - Bad Ragaz - Lugano - Porto Ronco

from CHF 1'555.- for 5 nights

The idea of placing extraordinary cultural achievements and unique natural phenomena under the protection of mankind began with the rescue of the Temple of Abu Simbel (Egypt, 1960). In 1972, this led to the birth of the UNESCO Convention. Since then, 193 countries have ratified the World Heritage Convention (as of 1 January 2017) and 1092 exceptional cultural and natural heritage sites have made it on the list of World Heritage sites. In Switzerland, there are currently 12 World Heritage sites: in addition to impressive legacies of cultural heritage, sites of exceptional natural beauty can be found in Switzerland. On this very special Private Selection tour, you will have the opportunity to visit three of these protected sites.

Day 1

Make your own way to the “Swiss Riviera” on Lake Constance

Travel by car to the BAD HORN HOTEL & SPA. Start your holiday gently on the hotel’s own beach or in the Smaragd Spa.

• Arrive Hotel Bad Horn

• Free entry to the Wellness facilities

• Gourmet 4-course à la carte menu and accommodation at the Hotel Bad Horn

Day 2

Visit the Abbey and Library of St Gallen

The Abbey, convent and library developed from the year 700 into an important cultural hub for the occidental world. This unique architectural ensemble of Abbey and convent, cloister church, library and archive is a legacy of the late-blooming Baroque period. In the archives as well as the library there are unique collections of manuscripts and documents which serve as testimonies to European culture. The Abbey complex is free to visit and there are several public car parks nearby. The Baroque hall of the library, the oldest Swiss library with a collection of 170,000 books is open daily from 10.00 – 17.00h. Entry costs CHF 12.- for adults and for an extra CHF 5.- there is the option of an audio guide. This hall, constructed between 1758 and 1767 is considered as one of the most beautiful non-religious Baroque halls in Switzerland and one of the most perfectly formed library buildings in the world. A visit is an absolute must! From St. Gallen, you’ll have a 30-minute drive through the quaint canton of Appenzell to the HOTEL HOF WEISSBAD where the hotel’s fantastic park with manicured lawns and its own nature trail as well as a great Wellness facility await.

The day’s programme:

• Delicious breakfast at the Hotel Bad Horn

• Travel with your own car to the Abbey (15 min)

• Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site - St Gallen Abbey Library (entry fee payable on site)

• Drive from Abbey at St Gallen to Hotel Hof Weissbad (30 min)

• Free entry to Wellness facility

• Exquisite 4-course à la carte evening dinner and accommodation at the Hotel Hof Weissbad

Day 3

Five-Lake Hike of the Sardona Tectonic Arena

After a hearty breakfast, you’ll drive about 50 minutes by car to Wangs. In summer you can park your car on the big car park right by the Wangs Valley station for free. The Wangs cable car runs from 08.15h. Please note that the chairlift for the return journey from Gaffia only runs until 16.30h! At the ticket office of the Pizol cable car you can purchase a CHF 44.- (or CHF 22.- for Halbtax card owners) 5-Lake Rover ticket (the Ticket is not included in the price, so depending the weather, how you’re feeling etc. you can decide yourself whether to take the hike or not). From the Pizol valley station, take the cable car and chairlift in three stages to the Pizol refuge (2227m above sea level). Here you will start your hike, passing five crystal mountain lakes and an unbelievable view across eastern Switzerland, the Bündner and Austrian Alps. Along the way, marvel at the unusual landscape of the tectonic arena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. After between 4 and 5 hours you’ll arrive at the Gaffia station from where you can take the cable car back to Wangs. From Wangs it’ll take about 10 minutes to the GRAND HOTEL HOF RAGAZ, where you can relax and unwind from your long walk in the hotel’s very own spa.

The day’s programme:

• Sumptuous breakfast at Hotel Hof Weissbad

• Travel to Wangs (50min)

• 5-Lake Hike through the natural wonder that is the Sardona tectonic arena (4-5h) Optional – CHF 44.- per person (22.- half-fare)

• Transfer Wangs – Hotel Hof Ragaz (10 min)

• Free entry to Wellness facility

• Gourmet menu and accommodation at the Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz

Day 4

Round-trip hike of the Site Monte San Giorgio

A hearty breakfast will have you ready for the approximately 2-hour journey from Bad Ragaz to Meride, which is your starting point for the 4-hour circular hike of the Monte San Giorgio. Just next to the Meride

campsite, you’ll find a free car park. You can reach the town centre in about 6 minutes. This UNESCO site (since 2003) opens the door to prehistoric times. Millions of years ago there existed an ocean basin with a subtropical climate. This basin permanently shaped the region geographically and historically – even today, fossils of the lake’s prehistoric plant and animal life are unearthed from the historic stone of Monte San Giorgio. You can see some examples at the Meride Fossil Museum. The entry for adults is CHF 12.- and it is open Tuesday to Sunday from 09.00 to 17.00h. And… Back to the Future – later in the day you’ll be able to relax at the luxurious BOUTIQUE HOTEL THE VIEW LUGANO in Lugano (with its very own Butler), where modern design is what it’s all about.

The day’s programme:

• Sumptuous breakfast buffet at the Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz

• Drive to Meride (2h15)

• Round-trip hike of the UNESCO Natural Heritage Site Monte San Giorgio (4h)

• Drive from Meride to THE VIEW Lugano Lifestyle & Spa Hotel (30 mins)

• Free entry to the Wellness facilities

• 4-course evening dinner and accommodation at The View Lugano

Day 5

Visit the three Castles and City Walls of Bellinzona

After a luxurious breakfast at The View Lugano Lifestyle & Spa hotel, you’ll be on your way to Bellinzona. The three castles, Castelgrande, Montbello and Sasso Corbaro and the city’s walls were classed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. The origins of these imposing structures date back to the Stone Age and ever since then they have been northern border of the Po Plain as well as a southern bastion of the Alpine valleys. They serve as the most impressive and best-preserved testament to architecture of the Middle Ages. So, let the fifth day of your UNESCO Tour take you back in time to the exciting Middle Ages. Finish off your day in the beautiful gardens, the swimming pool or at the BOUTIQUE-HOTEL LA ROCCA private beach.

The day’s programme:

• Luxurious breakfast at THE VIEW Hotel Lifestyle & Spa, Lugano

• Travel by yourself to Bellinzona (40 min)

• Visit the three castles at Bellinzona

• Drive from Bellinzona to Boutique Hotel La Rocca in Porto Ronco (40 min)

• Free entry to hotel’s swimming pool

• Delicious 3-course dinner with a view at the Boutique-Hotel La Rocca

5-Day tour ends here.

Day 6

Hiking on the Aletsch glacier

Early breakfast today at the Boutique Hote La Rocca… First, you’ll drive about 2h15, over the Simplon to Riederalp. The car-free town is only reachable by cable car. You can leave your vehicle at the cable station car park. Please let the Hotel Royal know your expected time of arrival so that the hotel’s Taxi-Bus can pick you up at the Riederalp mountain station (between 08.00 and 18.00h). The cable car from Mörel – Riederalp costs CHF 9.80 and it’s free for GA holders.

After the check-in take the cable car to Moosfluh (CHF 14.-) the exit-point of your hike. The first thing you’ll see is the impressive panorama across the Aletsch glacier. This amazing view over the eternal ice will stick with you for the rest of the walk. From the viewing platform just before the Märjelensee your view will magically be pulled towards the Konkordiaplatz where the three arms of the Aletsch glacier entwine. After about 3h30 you‘ll reach the Fiescheralp from where you can take public transport to the HOTEL ROYAL Riederalp (a) Please note the times of the last cable car from Fiescheralp to Fiesch (CHF 20.- free with GA) Enjoy your evening and the beautiful mountain views in the Walliser Alps – when it’s clear you can see the Matterhorn.

The day’s programme

• Excellent breakfast at THE VIEW Lugano

• Travel to Riederalp (2h15)

• Hiking on the Aletsch glacier (3h30)

• Transfer from Fiesch to Hotel Royal Riederalp (1h20) (a)

• Free entry to Wellness facilities

• Dine Around in the Art Furrer Resorts and accommodation at the Royal Riederalp


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