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Travelogue by guests: Hiking in Saanenland

Glittering eyes because of the beauty of the earth

While you enjoy the hike on sunny days, you will feel at home in the beautiful hotels in the evening.

This is an travelogue from guests. So nothing but honest opinion.

The hotels:

Hotel Cailler:
We arrived in Charmey at noon. Soon we saw the sunny yellow blinds of the Hotel Cailler shining. In front of it, the thermal baths blended beautifully into the landscape. The staff was friendly, and the food was very tasty. We were only not happy with the room. It was clean. The window door was missing the handle to open it. We were able to open the small casement above the sofa bed. But for propper ventilation, it was not enough.  Although there was a fan. The explanation from the hotel was that the height of the window railing was no longer up to standard. Therefore, the door had to remain closed. (They know the problem)We could change the room for the next night. The thermal bath, however, left nothing to be desired.

The Hotel Ermitage:

So many beautiful flowers already in front of the entrance were a feast for our eyes. We felt like Alice in Wonderland in the entrance hall. I wonder if this will go well with our outfit? But we were already handed towels so that we could refresh our hotheads. The receptionist was a treasure, as she gave my husband the year 97. We immediately felt at home. The staff was natural and not at all aloof. Small features like the morning post at the door, the good morning carpet in the lift, the good night carpet in the evening, count. The exquisite meal was served to us in one of the many parlors. It's "härzlechs Grüessech", as they say in the Ermitage. This also applies to the morning buffet. Our room was very pleasant and clean. How could it be otherwise? My husband treated himself to a few minutes in the indoor and outdoor pools. He was happy to forego a massage after seeing our nice table neighbors get up (who were treating themselves to a wellness program). But I do want to say this. The two of us are not the ones who can be pampered. Such "amenities" stress us out. As we were saying goodbye, the receptionist asked us how our hike was going to continue. Handing each of us a fine bottle of tea, she explained her suggested hike. (See Hike IV.)

The Hotel Alpenland:

On the edge of a nature reserve, with a view of the beautiful mountains, lets you decelerate. You can see immediately that the hotel has undergone extensive renovation. It has a simple, modern interior, which fits well with the chalet style. We felt at home immediately. The room was very suitable. Again, very nice staff and excellent cuisine. We would have liked to stay here for a day or two.

The hikes:

I. We explored the village of Charmey on a two-hour walk down to the Seeli. Up and down along the water to the other end of the village.

II. The short variant from the Jaunpass to Schönried was as described and suited us well. Here we had the feeling of being alone on this beautiful spot of the earth.

III. With the cable car up to Horneggli, Hornberg, Barwengsattel, Rinderberg. The wonderful panoramic view is overwhelming. The gondola lift took us down to Zweisimmen. This hike is more pleasant in the opposite direction. By train, we went to vibrant Gstaad. The Beach Volleyball World was taking place there. Back by train to quiet Schönried.


IV. Recommended by the receptionist. By bus in the direction of Diablerets to the Talstaion Wispile stop. Take the cable car up to Wispile. On a wonderful plateau, with panoramic views over the Chrinepass and up and down again and again, we descended to the dreamy Lake Lauenen, which we reached after about 3 ½ hours. After another 1 ½ hours, depending on the route chosen, we arrived in Lauenen at the Hotel Alpenland. There is also a bus from Lake Lauenen to Lauenen.


we experienced five varied days. On the one hand, we enjoyed hiking sections with nice people. On the other hand, cows were keen to share the picnic with us.

Photo Credits:

Hiking Saanenland (c) Destination Gstaad Melanie Uhkoetter_klein