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Private Selection Hotels & Tours is the quality seal for around 50 privately and sustainably managed, enchantingly personal hotels with a special charm and at least 88% satisfaction rate and their worlds of experience in Europe. People - guests and hosts from all departments - are at the centre of everything they do. "Happy is he who can make happy" is the motto under which the employees are supported with targeted training to live and use their empathy. Private Selection Hotels is the sales platform for the member hotel in the market of the individually travelling holiday guest and connoisseur, organiser of active tours with full service, exchange platform for hoteliers in the area of innovation, experience and best practice and supports hotels significantly in the areas of employee attractiveness and talent development. With the joint commitment to sustainability, all member hotels actively commit and position themselves to sustainability and participate in the joint sustainability concept.

Personalised charm: privately and sustainably run, outstanding hotels with charm and regional character


Personalised charm: privately and sustainably run, outstanding hotels with charm and regional character

Advantages of Private Selection Hotels & Tours

The private first-class hotel industry in particular is currently facing major challenges. We are of the opinion that these challenges can be mastered more easily together! As a member of Private Selection Hotels & Tours you have many advantages.


6 good reasons to choose Private Selection Hotels & Tours

Marketing and Sales

The focus of our activities is on marketing and sales:

  • Online reservation system and sales optimised internet platform (SEO/SEA).
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Call centre for professional advice and reservation acceptance
  • Guest loyalty
  • Magazine "zauberhaft persönlich» containing attractive offers
  • Experience Designing Department (own Tour Operating)
  • Classical advertising
  • PR
  • Sales promotion and promotions
  • Trade fairs
  • Partner marketing



Regular guest file with 60,000 active guests

Gourmands, adventurers, relaxation seekers, wellness enthusiasts, winter sports fans, hikers, bikers and golfers, culture and nature lovers are among our guests: as a marketing and sales organisation and the only Swiss hotel group with a call centre, guest advisory service and experience design, we guarantee the measurable success of a membership. We count on more than 60,000 active (regular) guests. Monthly newsletters with offers and regular blog posts on various topics reach interested guests in a targeted manner.



Become a member hotel

Together for sustainable development

Authenticity, regional roots, the use of regional products and active hospitality have always been very important to us. Together, we go one step further and are committed to a consistently sustainable service chain. We have firmly anchored sustainability (link to sustainability page) in our business strategy and have developed a concept that enables the Private Selection Hotels to develop together into a sustainable future. This includes, among other things, the even more consistent use of regional and seasonal products, the sensitisation of guests through information and sustainable hospitality, the increase of workplace attractiveness for employees in the hotels as well as measures to achieve climate neutrality.

Link to commitment, that each member hotel has given for sustainability.

We have also placed our focus on sustainability in the area of offer development. Sustainable travel combines awareness and profundity with local enjoyment, indigenous culture and authentic experiences.

The sustainability concept was developed with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and the ongoing transformation process is being accompanied by the HSLU in close cooperation and supported by Innotour.

Appeals for employees

With joint talent management and our activities in the areas of employee attractiveness and talent development, we support you in the problem of acute shortages of skilled and unskilled workers.

Course in cooperation with the SHL - Swiss Hotel Management School Lucerne: The course with certificate "Professionals in Service Excellence" offers newcomers and career changers the opportunity to quickly further their education in the hotel industry through a practical training programme and to obtain the "Professionals in Service Excellence" award within 12-18 months.

Here you will find the benefits for all "Selected Friends" - the team members in the member hotels. Employee attractiveness is very important to us - with our "Social Media Film Competition" for apprentices, for example, we received a lot of interest and were able to place dozens of apprentices with our appearance at ZEBI (Cental Switzerland Education fair) - and the hope for enthusiastic young hosts!

Partner network

Thanks to our strong partners, we reach millions of potential guests. With exclusive offers for Swisspass holders or homeowners, Touring Club members, Weltwoche readers or BMW drivers, we are always winning new, enthusiastic regular guests. CSS-insured persons benefit from support payments for short stays. Close cooperation with various publishing houses, insurance companies, associations and service clubs generates contacts, awareness, new guests and turnover.


Exchange of information and promotion of innovation

Once a year, hoteliers and hoteliers meet for a 2-day general meeting, where a lot of know-how is imparted and experiences are exchanged. Speakers talk about burning issues, synergies are used, purchasing advantages are discussed and ideas are debated. Also held annually is the Business Development Conference, which is open to all management staff from all departments and takes up topics on the sustainability process, digitalisation, staff retention and marketing. An online expert discussion takes place every two months. Via TEAMS, all interested parties meet to talk to an expert and discuss topics such as "revenue management in times of inflation", "social media marketing used more intensively as a group", "is artificial intelligence needed on the website and if so, which and how integrated" - or quite banal: The training lesson on G4 (Google Analytics 4).


In the Strategy and Partnership Paper we show who we are and where we are going - gladly together with you? 

Have we aroused your interest? Would you like to become a member of Private Selection Hotels with your company? Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time for a non-binding discussion and to answer any questions you may have.

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